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    The simulator can only truly be apprecieated in action!

  • In addition to the videos below, several new videos are currently being edited and will be available soon.


  • Video 1 shows the VF 2000 in studio with virtual reality goggles:

    Please check out video 2 (below) for a "peek," or click "contact sales" to get a copy from Motion Vision directly.

    Click Here
    for a Youtube developmental video.
    Click Here for a video of the flyers at March Air force Base.

  • Click Here to download video 1 in WINDOWS MEDIA format.

  • Video 2 shows the VF 2000 at a theme park/arcade flying with the hood.

    Click Here to download video 2 in MPEG format.
    Click Here to download video 2 in Windows Media format.

  • Click Here To download the OLD "Virtual Flyer"  video which was the "proof of concept" vehicle.

  • Note:  "right clicking" any of the above links and selecting "save target as" will allow you to save the video to disk.
V Flight is Virtual Reality flight!
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