What is the VF2000?  The VF2000 is the second generation of flight/entertainment  simulators produced by NoonCo.  These new simulators feature a stunning 185 degrees of motion and reproduce flight forces with radical motions that have to be seen to be believed!

    (Note: You can Click Here to see the first generation.)

    Who is using the VF2000?  Initially we designed our simulators for the entertainment and gaming community.  However, the remarkable feeling of flight  generated by these simulators has resulted in units being used by military, motion picture, theme park, trade show and air show clients. 
    If you want to generate and excite a crowd, it's hard to beat letting them fly their own simulated jet fighter!

    What is involved in getting a VF2000 for my event/location?  We currently rent, lease and sell units.  Click on the "contact sales" link to get all the details and our business plan.

V Flight is Virtual Reality flight!
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