• Specifications

  • Model: VF2000
    Range of motion: 185 degrees.
    Display(s): Virtual Reality Headset and/or hooded LCD projection.

    Software Supported: All MS Combat simulation and flight simulation packages.  Flight profiling and custom satelite mapped terrain in Xplane. Gaming simulations in Falcon 4.0 and others.  Custom flight profiles available.

    Electronics System
    The VF2000 is a true "Closed Loop" system.  Platform and screen position are kept in a perfect lock with over 20 platform corrections per second being made.
    Physical Operating Specifications:
  • Operational Height Requirement  7'
  • Width 4'
  • Length 7'
  • Power 115 V, 60 Hz 15A
  • Shipping Weight 300 pounds + support equipment.
  • Color:
  • Canopy is refractive "chameleon" paint and changes between 7 colors depending on lighting.
  • Pilot Requirements:
  • Pilot Height: Between 4' and 7'
  • Maximum Pilot Weight: 250 Pounds.
V Flight is Virtual Reality flight!
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