Joycee's Appearances


Studio 60 Magic Consultant to Amanda Peet Warner Bros 2007
The George Lopez Show (Aired 04/11/07) Warner Bros 2006
Magic Castle After Dark (Pilot aired 12/16/06) A&E 2006
Card Shark SIMS Videogames Commercial Talent Partners, 2002
Card Manipulator in Prime Time Glick Comedy Central, 2001
The Great Magic of Las Vegas CBS Special 1995
Guest Performance in Masters of Illusion PAX TV Series 1996
Card Shark in Fallen Angels, Tom Hanks 1993
Magician in Special Reports Commercial 1993
Card Manipulator in Virginia Lottery Commercial 1991
Guest Performances on The June Cain Miller Show,
2 episodes
Card Mechanic in Father Dowling 1989

Future Dates:

June 17-23, 2019
Magic Castle
Early Close-up

(Shows between 7:30pm–9:30pm)

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Magic Castle
7001 Franklin Ave
Los AngelesCA 90028




Naples Rib Company
5800 E 2nd Street
Long Beach CA 90803





Harry Anderson with Joycee


"Fooled me good."
Harry Anderson
(Judge, Night Court and Dave's World)

"Fantastic...Houdini would love her!"
Bob Barker (TV Host)

"Joycee is one female who doesn't just get by on her good looks. As a professional magician, she ranks with the best of the men."
Dick Newton (Will Shriner Show)

"We can use you."
Roy Horn (Siegfried and Roy)

Joycee's job is to make people smile. She has performed magic for over 30 years and ranks in the top ten percent in her field. She has been seen in numerous commercials, talk shows, television...