About Joycee

Joycee, the Duchess of Deception, delights in bringing her audience wonder, fantasy, and laughter. She is Magic, Mystery, and Lace. Her amazing skill and sinfully playful feminine approach to this most ancient art ranks her amongst the top most talented magicians in the world. Joycee's ability to perform incredible sleight-of-hand magic is matched by her beauty and rapport with her audience. A graduate of the University of Redlands with a Master of Arts degree, Joycee has been doing magic full time since 1988. When she was seven, her grandfather taught her a card trick. It was then that she knew what her life's passion would be. Performing magic is a dream come true.

Joycee is the perfect icebreaker for parties, holiday gatherings, and corporate events. She is a favorite at the World Famous Magic Castle in Hollywood, California. Joycee appears at Knott's Berry Farm and consults with the movie and television industry. Joycee is also a favorite with the US Armed Forces in Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan, Iraq, Kuwait, Bosnia, Kosovo, Germany, Italy, Hungary, Macedonia, and Iceland. She frequently travels overseas to entertain our troops.

A Moment with Joycee

This is an in-depth interview with Joycee conducted by prominent magician Walt Noon.

Joycee is one of the busiest magicians in the world. Between taking her show all over the world and spending time at the Magic Castle performing and chatting with celebrities, Walt Noon finally obtained this interview. So enjoy this rare moment.

Walt: How did you get started as a magician?

Joycee: I was highly motivated! I used to be an elementary school teacher. Ten years waking up to an early morning day job is enough to motivate anyone.

Walt: What do you think of life as a magician?

Joycee: The only thing I can think of that would beat life as a magician would be perhaps being the wife of a millionaire. Even then, I would not have the satisfaction that earning a living gives me. I love performing and making people smile.

Walt: How about the guy-girl thing?

Joycee: I suppose everyone has to prove himself or herself. Being a female I have had to work harder to be recognized in a male dominated profession. Teaching and lecturing at magic clubs and magic conventions all over the world the past 25 years has proven my skill and expertise amoungst the male magicians within the field of magic.

Walt: I understand that you were trained by some of the best magicians of our time.

Joycee: Dai Vernon, the Professor, was one of my first teachers along with Albert Goshman. I was very close to Albert.

Dai used to give me valuable tips on performing. He was the one who encouraged me to perform full time. Vernon badgered me to audition for the Close-Up Gallery at the Magic Castle. If I hadn't promised him I'd audition, I would have never known the joys of performing for an audience and I probably would not have become a full-time performer.

The first week I was booked at the World Famous Magic Castle in Hollywood, Dai brought in many prominent names in magic to see my show. At the end of my performance he gave me a huge bouquet of flowers which made me feel like a real star. He would always tell me I put the men to shame. I loved to hear this, unless he said it in front of the guys!