tDCS Parts and Kit Information...

Get the complete set of all parts needed to assemble your own tDCS!
Each component is carefully labeled, and extended simple instructions are included.


I have two inexpensive kits below:
The first is the full kit that will let you run your tDCS from a USB, phone, or 9V battery as seen in the video here.
This is available complete for only $25, (plus $2 shipping) in the US!

The second is the new ultra simplified "hobbiest" kit that runs from a garden solar cell!  (You provide the garden solar cell and save on shipping!)
(As seen by clicking here.)
This is available for $20 with free shipping.

Important: These kits require assembly!  You will need to be able to soldier and assemble simple electronic parts.
This is simple perfboard assembly (not PC board).

Full Kit (for phone or USB):

For Kit Orders In The US:

For Kit Orders Overseas:

Simplified Solar kit (you provide solar cell):



For a fully assembled kit, (you connect only two wires), just click here.

Thank you!

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