tDCS Parts and Kit Information...

Your tDCS assembled "kit" is complete, tested, and ready to use.
Finish your "kit" in seconds by just attaching the two electrodes using a screwdriver.
Available ready to run for only $39, (plus $2 shipping) in the US!


(Shipping outside the US, will be just actual shipping cost, which is usually $13.)


Note:  I will be discontinuing building the pre assembled kits as soon as the present batch is gone.  Each unit costs me $15 to $20 in parts, and takes more than an hour to build for you...  So, though I've enjoyed making them very much, it's just not practical to do indefinitely.  I've got to get back to work!

I've really enjoyed hearing all your success stories!

If you'd like one of the last units, please act quickly.


Orders In The US:

Orders Overseas:

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