This fully animated train was built for the Santa's Village amusement park in Sky Forest California. It features rotating wheels, a real steam powered whistle, as well as three FULLY ANIMATED singing Christmas presents in the box car. The entire display is covered in high brightness mini white light bulbs and small reflective disks for eye catching visibility.

The photo at the right shows placement of the train outside the gift shop in the village.

The magic train utilizes commercial paints and protectants to allow outdoor placement. Add ons include a "don't press" button that causes the train to shoot a blast of water and a CD sound system that creates continuos train sounds.

The control box allows remote control of the train's features as well as the ability to run prerecorded shows.

We do original music and jingles for all occasions!  Take a listen below to the original score composed for the show at Santa's Village!

Click here to listen to The Bumble Bee song.
Click here to listen to The Santa's Village song.

If you can't hear music, click here or on the icon  to get free software to listen to music all over the web!

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