Hydro Robots!

For the ultimte in water park fun!

Imagine the faces on your guests when they are asked to "draw" and test their reflexes against your own fully animated ROBOT character!

These "Hydrator" robots will actually track and fire their water cannon at your guests in an old West style shoot out.

    The robot himself wears a chest plate that registers hits on his person. Enough hits will "deactivate" him and your guests will win the shoot-out. However those not fast enough to beat "The Hydrator" to the draw will find themselves quickly hit with a blast of water to the amusement of all!

    The Hydrator features different speed and skill settings making him challenging for the best gunslingers in your park.

    Weather you plan to operate The Hydrator freely, or charge a few dollars per shoot out, your guests will have a wonderful time in their combat with "The Hydator!"

    This robot is currently under development and will be available widely in a matter of months.

    If you are interested in being among the first parks to employ your own Hydrator robot, please contact us for more information.