"Tombstone" waits as part of any graveyard scene for the unsuspecting guest! His tomb lies half buried in the ground seemingly just a "prop" along with all the others. As your guests pass in front of the tomb, however, there is a loud bang, and with a scream (both from your guests and the character) the casket flies open and "Tombstone's" skeletal form flies forward!

"Tombstone" really makes an impact! The character combines both a strong illusion and two unexpected motions. The illusion involves the construction of the casket itself which appears to be buried in the ground and has no obvious door. The upper portion of the casket is too small to house a person, and so is not thought of as a possible hiding place. The motion combines both a rapidly opening casket, and a character of unexpected size who rises up and above the casket!

Of all our characters, Tombstone is the most unexpected, and gets the biggest jumps!