Mr. Barnum is currently one of my favorite showbots, and I guess you can see why! "Cute" is the operative word here. But make no mistake, Mr. Barnum can really boogie! With six independent motions he sings, he dances, and he talks. (He gave a talk on Zen Buddhism during his first night of life. Now that seems like something to ponder!)

Barnums quick, complex motions look anything but mechanical. He works autonomously from a preprogrammed CD, or he can be operated manually from a hidden location to interact with your guests. He is popular in all seasons, and will add to any display or event!

Add on items include a large, easy to use set of buttons that allow children to "make Barnum dance," and a lighted stage with automatic curtains.

The "animated gif" to the right shows just a few of Barnum's motions.

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