Redlands Conservatory Computer Science.

Welcome Back!!!

After our quick segway into Gamemaker, and working on our school Mars Mission project, you've all asked to "get back to coding!"  so, here's the plan!!!!
We'll now dive into C# !
Why C#?  Because C# is virtually identical to JAVA, so, it's like learning two of the most useful languages in one!  PLUS, it's works with Unity, which is possibly the most powerful 3D game design engine on the internet!

This means that this semester, we'll not only get back to code, but, we'll soon start learning how to use it for absoultely fantastic 3D development!
We'll take it slow, one step at a time!
To check out an amazing demo created with Unity....  Click Here


       Click Here for a free C# online editor!

Click Here For The "Entry Code" for the above editor.  (In case it gets lost!)
Includes simple "Hello world" output.

Click Here to download visual Studio free!

Lesson #1, previews

Click Here for simple loop code example.
 Practice:  Loop decrement, loop incrementing and counting by different numbers.

Click Here for Mr. Walt's college "crib" notes on C.
Or, Click Here for a badly formatted text version.

Click Here for the Unity Editor online lessons.

(Technology Class)
Click Here
Just a quick page to mix and match tones for our laser project.

Resources:  Derek Banas does the world's greatest ultra brief tutorials.  Click here for his c# video.

You had many wonderful ideas about what the game might include, and you can review your ideas and sample programs on our secret class web page here.

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