Redlands Conservatory Computer Science.


Welcome To Second Semester!  Computer Science.
Each student will setup a class email account.
Begin their own custom web page.  (Discuss wix and Word Press.)

Click Here for class web page and email address reminders.

Artificial Intellegence Experiment!
 Click Here to meet an artificial intelligence!
Challenge: Can you ask Mitsuku a question that a HUMAN would know, but a ROBOT would not?
And... prove she's a robot?

Let's study/mod a classic chatter bot program:
 Click Here to visit our class Eliza page.

Epic "fun" project.  Click here to get and modify the response code for Eliza!
Note: You'll have to give your modified code to the teacher to post on the class page as it won't run by itself.

What did we miss last year?!?!
We missed the "Case" statement...  So, for today's class, let's create a program usuing "Case."
Click Here for the cut and paste.

Topics Covered: Case Statement : If and Else Logic Review

How To Password Protect Your Pages.
Click Here for cut and paste password protection code.

This code could be improved with hashing!  Are we up to creating a hash?

A Simple Counting And Timing Programs.
Click Here
for a simple counting program using a loop.
Click Here for TIMERS using setInterval. 
How high can JavaScript count?

Review: Loops and counting. Timing intervals.  New text outputting!

Drawing All Basic Shapes And Text
Click Here for the cut and paste program.
Can you draw a triangle?

Review: Draw a circle, rectangle, line and text on canvas.

Drawing With Lines
Click Here for the simplest line program.
Click Here for the bouncing pixel "art" program.

Topics: Canvas, Lines. Example Program With Loop/Delay/Flow Control.

Creating Color Gradients
Click Here to create a color gradient in text.
Click Here to create a color gradient on a canvas.

Topics: Canvas, gradient.

Wow!  We Have Captured a T-Rex!
Are you ready to modify the mighty Google JavaScript T-Rex!?!
Click Here for the class demo, and all the files!

Pong!  The Classic!
Class project #1:
Let's mod a pong program, and run it on a phone!
Click Here for the Pong code.
Click Here for the phone app.
Class project #2.
Design your own phone logo.
Click Here for the starter code.

The Amazing "Adobe PhoneGap"
Would you like to EASILY convert your JavaScript program into a phone app!?!
Follow these simple steps!

  1. Write a web app. (Write it like you would an ordinary web page, using html and JavaScript.)
  2. Save it as "index.html"
  3. Zip the file.
  4. Upload the zip file to PhoneGap Build cloud.
  5. Click Ready to Build. Edit the name of the app and upload an app icon too.
  6. When ready, scan the QR code with your Android phone, and follow the link.
  7. Download the apk and install it on your phone.
  8. Your new app will now run on your phone.

Click Here to try our class test application on your phone!

Here is a link to Click here to sign up for a free Adobe PhoneGap account.

Simply AMAZING!!!

Object Oriented Programming Simplified!
O.K.  We needed to get back to this...
Click Here for my quick "cheat sheet" on Object Oriented Programming (OOP) Terminology.
Click here for the cut and paste code of a simple OOP example.

Advanced Text Box Gag
Click Here to try our first text box gag!.
Click here for the simple (type in) code.



Second semester resource list:

Click Here for our online editor.

Click Here for a PDF of Java Script For Kids, our new course book.

Click Here to make a WIX website.

Click Here for Wordpress online development site.

Click Here to download Wordpress.

HTTrack:  Rips whole websites from the net.  Download here.

For "Old School" (HTML) web page creation:

Blue Griffen:  Web page editor.  (Like a word processor for web page creation.)  Download here.

Free web site templates to use to start your site! 

Click Here for the wonderful "Sketchup" 3D design software.

Want to make your javascript look pro?  Try the incredible Javascript Beautifier!!!!


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