Walt Noon is a professional creator of magic effects and a member of The Academy Of Magical Arts. He is the author of a wide variety of articles, books and software on both magic and science (non fiction) projects. His writings have covered such "fringe" topics as construction details for Tesla coils, Kirlian photography, amateur robotics, home made solar electric cells and a variety of other unusual topics.
He has worked as a magic coach and advisor for such feature films as Tomcats, Looney Tunes, and Harry Potter.

Walt performing on a magic tour in Europe.


Where am I right now?
(Who really knows?!?)

Recent appearances include:

MTV's "Best Show Ever."
"The Brent Farris Morning Show" KZST.
'Peter Anthony Holder show (CJAD 800 AM, Montreal, CFRB 1010 AM, Toronto)
National Geographic
Animal Planet
And spots on A&E and CW Networks coming soon.

For those in the UK, I'll be appearing on the Air One satellite television network and a "blip" on the Steve Wright show on BBC Radio 2 .

Thanks for checking out my bio.  I feel fairly silly blathering about myself, but I am happy you're interested!  :-)

Performing for troops overseas with Joycee Beck!


Walt stands behind conventional science, but is committed to keeping an open mind. Like you, he has always been drawn to the "fringes" of science!



Walt AS Harry Potter for a gig!