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I'm very sorry, but as of today 1/23/2020 I no longer have the parts available for your jammer!
The transmitter chip has become more and more difficult to find, and more and more expensive making the $12 price tag I've had for the last 10 years now unworkable.
I DO plan to redesign the circuit around another chip, so please feel free to check back in the future if you are interested.
If you would like to look for the chip yourself, it is simply a 7404 IC!
The catch is, none of the new 7404 chips on the market work!
An old TTL 7404 will work, but with VERY short range.
The chip I used in the video that worked so well was a 7404, part number: 2392102-67368.  ONLY this serial worked well!
I never mentioned 7404 in the video because I knew people would try a modern 7404 and be frusterated...
Again sorry!  And if you are still interested, check this page in the future for redesigns!
Thanks for 10 years of fun!



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