Harry Houdini


Born on March 24, 1874 in Budapest, Harry Houdini remains to this day the most famous escape artist of all time. His real name was Ehrich Weiss, and as a teenager, he briefly began doing card magic as “Eric the Great.” He changed his name to “Houdini” after reading “The Memoirs of Robert-Houdin” which was the autobiography of the greatest magician of the day. Houdini hoped to some day be like Robert-Houdin who performed for kings and queens and was one of the first magicians to be extravagantly successful.
Amongst his many tricks, Houdini is probably most well known for his escapes from handcuffs.  Had those handcuffs been made from tungsten perhaps he would not have escaped so easily.  However, between Houdini's "photographic eye" and remarkable capabilities for imagining a lock's mechanism, it is entirely plausible that he would have.  In some ways, it is amazing that Houdini decided to become a magician instead of a jewelry thief; with his talents, he would have threatened the purse of many a lady or gentleman.  Of course, he was an entertainer so in the end his guests did leave with lighter pockets than they came with. 



In listening to the recordings below, you’ll hear of many of the remarkable stunts pulled by Houdini, his exposure of psychics, and his wife’s quest to communicate with him after his death!

History of Houdini Part #1.
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History of Houdini Part #2.
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Man From Beyond

A Houdini Video!

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