Alternate Drawings

In the Nuts & Volts article, which outlined the construction and use of the animated ghoul, there were two motors used which readers have had some problems finding at a good price. The following drawings show several alternate methods for moving your ghoul’s mouth.
I do want to note that for the most lifelike movement possible, the motors suggested in the article ARE the best items to use, but the following drawings will let you “make do” quite nicely if you find that you are really in a pinch.
There are quite a few “surplus” parts dealers on the web that carry the motors mentioned from time to time at very reasonable prices.  In addition, you can always write me a quick email as when I see these motors, I pick them up en mass and therefore have some for sale from time to time.
The drawing on the left shows a method for using a solenoid to move the mouth.  By bending a thick coat hanger wire to make a fulcrum, and by having a simple return spring as shown, you can have a VERY simple method for moving your ghoul's mouth.
Note:  It is of KEY importance that the solenoid be mounted on a foam pad as shown to prevent the mouth from making any noise.
A 24v solenoid can be used in the circuit directly, and simply replace the 24v AC motor, however you'll need to use a bridge rectifier and cap so that the solenoid will not "hum" when the signal hits it.
I have even used AC solenoids up to 120v (driven directly from the solid state relay which I wired to 120v) and had good success. Click Here for an AC solenoid schematic.
I almost always have a stock of the high quality solenoids I prefer, and will ship one to you for $12.00 if you decide to go this route.
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