Redlands Conservatory Video Game Music Design...

Almost all video game music is made using a "Pattern Design Music Maker."
Though these programs can be incredibly simple to use, they are in no way limited to video game design!
What you will learn in this chapter will give you the basics on how even some of the best and most modern Hip Hop and other rhythm tracks are made!

We will focus on just a few popular programs here:




1.) The 8-Bit Music Maker.

Created in SCRATCH!!!  This is one YOU can reprogram, but also an EXCELLENT
way to learn sequencing basics.

Click Here for the Scratch code to your computer.
Click Here to use it from the web page.


2.) LMMS

LMMS is a popular, professional and free DAW!  (Digital audio Workstation).
Yet, you can learn it in less than an hour!

Note:  Another plus of LMMS is it's a SMALL program that installs very easily and runs perfectlty on both older and newer machines.

Click Here to download to your computer.

Click Here for great tutorials.

Wow!  Incredibly good new!!!  LMMS can play soundfont files!
You can load the soundfont player by clicking on the "Instrument Plug In" tab on the left side of your LMMS screen.

Thanks to the generosity of my friend Ethan Winer (who has one of the largest, and highest quality Soundfont collections on the planet), you can too!  Click Here to download the library, save it to your drive, and then select it from your LMMS soundfont player!


3.) We can also try some online "drum bots" such as... Drum Bot!
Just for fun, you can also Click Here to try Drum Bot on line.

And last, we may try Fruity Loops next week, which is what many pro studios use as well!!!!


Note a very useful page of free DAWs:

Linux based and other DAWs.