Redlands Conservatory Computer Science.

School Project:
To Design A Mars Farming Game Using Gamemaker!

Welcome Back!!!

This semester we will start a practical project by designing a complete multiplatform school game using GAMEMAKER!!!

We'll learn new coding, sprite manipulation, and object oriented design. 

Click Here for Tutorial #1!  A simple game that teaches all the basics!

Click Here to download a copy of Gamemaker if you do not have one.

Click Here To Begin Learning Video Game Music Design!                   

Beginning PONG tutorial video...
 Mr. Walt's written notes
for video 1 of 3.
Completed code for video 1 of 3.

           Embedding your games on a web page!

    Click Here
    To Play ONLINE Examples We Wrote.
    Click Here To Download Mars Farm Game Code For Modding!

    Click Here To download the source code for ALL our mars programs!
    (As of 4/10/2017)


Hey Guys!!!  Try out the new game music maker this week!!!  Click Here!

Free PUBLIC DOMAIN chip tunes for your games:  Click Here!

Timmy Hacker Help
(Next: VPNs!)

Ready for a video game that teaches code?

Click Here for CodeCombat!

Click Here for "cut and paste" JavaScript to make drawings in a similar format to what we justy learned in codecombat.

Click Here for Fight code.
Battle with tanks using JavaScript.
Email: r.conservatory at User: rconservatory Pass: rconservatory12

Review!  Code Academy...  Another online, fun way to review what we've learned!

This week's code for fun...  The pulsating circle!!!
Click Here for the basic circle code...
Click Here to add a loop...
Can we add an event to make it pulsate?!?  What command could we use?

You had many wonderful ideas about what the game might include, and you can review your ideas and sample programs on our secret class web page here.

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