Virtual Flight Motion Base

Virtual Flyer is a full motion base flight simulator so accurate that it's suitable for flight training! Yet, it has been specifically built to be affordable for the arcade, festival, trade shows and the PC gaming community.
(Shown at the left of this text is "the egg," which is an alternate body style available for the flight simulator motion base.)
Microsoft's Flight Simulator 98, 2000, Combat Simulator, and most of Microsoft's flight simulation packages work directly, and interact with Virtual Flyer's own software.
A true programming breakthrough from j-Omega Electronics and NoonCo allows your Virtual Flyer to go beyond all previous motion rides by actually TRACKING THE BACKGROUND SCENERY in these popular games (over 20 times a second) and translating scenery positions into perfect platform positions.  This allows your flyer to keep an accurate screen to motion base feel that's hard to believe.
Special joystick software also allows Quake, Mech Warrior and virtually all other popular games to be played as well.
As a motion base, VF uses a very fast response system of pneumatic cylinders so that your riders will truly be flying on air!  The response speed and range of motion of VF compared to old style simulators has to be seen to be believed.  (See the motion base video elsewhere on this site.)
The Virtual Flyer is networked and multiplayer.  So, pilots in your squadron will go HEAD TO HEAD (as many as 9 in combat at once)!  Since the network extends over the internet, flyers in your location can compete against others anywhere in the world!

Itís important to note that VF is completely interactive.  Riders inside actually PILOT the craft.  They control where they want to fly inside an enormous virtual world. (It is also capable of being programmed as a simple "movie ride" in which a preprogrammed adventure happens.)
 Finally, VF quickly adapts to play new games as they are released. So, your players will never get bored with a single game.  Who could wait to experience their latest favorite game in a full motion base?

Virtual Flyer is ready to take your riders, and virtual reality, to a whole new level.