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American P-51D ATTACKS British Spitfire IX!

Early reports have confirmed that an American P-51D is in preparation for an attack on a British Supermarine Spitfire IX.  Both aircraft are known to be fully armed with all original weaponry.  The Spitfire boasts twin 20-mm cannons and four fully active .50 machine guns.  The P-51D sports a compliment of six .50 machine guns.

Pilots Walt Noon (US) and John Wale (UK) are currently in preparation on their respective craft for the challenge which is to take place in cyberspace rather than the airspace of either country. This is planned to be the first fully simulated, full motion battle of W.W.II aircraft across an ocean.

Apparently the fighting broke out as Walt was putting the finishing touches on the "Virtual Flyer,"a new motion base flight simulator which had been a pet project for more than a year.  Dr. Wale (who was involved in writing code critical to the Virtual Flyer) began to work out details on his own UK based motion base. As arguments began as to the better design, the challenge was on!

The complex combat simulation software used will not only display fully graphic battle images inside each simulator (in real-time), but will have an unprecedented degree of realism. So high in fact that even the weight of the bullets expended from each plane will be calculated into performance!  The battle will be announced, and may be observed on the  internet by viewers as it happens, and results will be posted to the Virtual Flyer web page.

Both Walt Noon and John Wale have experience as real world as well as virtual pilots, so the battle can be expected to be fierce and accurate.  Both pilots are confident in their crafts, and of victory!

(Check www.noonco.com/flyer for announcements as to the date of the coming battle!)

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