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VF - 2000:

This web page is just a quick informational page to answer the many questions I have been receiving daily regarding the VF-2000 motion simulator.
Though I will be DELIGHTED to hear from you, at this point the daily email is simply more than I can handle (I think on the busiest day, I received over 150 queries).
So, by answering the primary questions you may have regarding purchase, rental, customization or just plain curiosity (which I certainly encourage) here, I can both serve you better and possibly keep my sanity at the same time.

The first question I get is whether the design is still being produced:
The answer is yes.  A company in San Diego called "Motion Vision" has been producing the design and running the simulator as a "ride only" device.
The folks at Motion Vision are absolutely top notch  people, and have a trailer with 6 or 8 simulators that can visit your event.
In the last year or so, they ran the simulators for Google, Boeing, and many,many other events.
I have some rough footage here of several events spliced together, including the famous "screaming lady," of which this simulator's wild ride has produced many!
As mentioned, Motion Vision runs the simulator with the rudder pedals off as a "ride only" device, but it was originally a full "closed loop" flight simulator with rudder pedals and yoke.  So that configuration is still possible as detailed below.

Is it safe/reliable?
The VF - 200 went through the extensive (and very expensive) process of having this design reviewed, tested and certified by the American Society of Safety Engineers.
The VF - 2000 has OSHA certification in California, which is among the most difficult certifications to get.
The original simulator gave over 40,000 rides its first year and has now continued to function since 2003 without incident. Only one small repair has been needed in all that time (a $12 air valve).  The design has proven so reliable, it has been used for flight training by foreign military pilots.

Can I get one for my personal use?
Again, the answer is a cautious "yes."
This question has by far been the most common question asked, but the majority of people writing seemed to have the idea (based on the small size of the platform no doubt) that the VF-2000 might only run a few hundred dollars to purchase.
I believe my best answer to this question is to simply mention that my parts cost alone in producing a unit (as a turn key ready to go unit) has always been just short of $5000.  (This is the cost of parts alone, and does not include labor, nor virtual reality goggles which can run more than $1000 for a really good pair.)
Construction usually takes me 3 weeks from the ground up as a "one off," with each part being hand made in my shop.
 So, my target price to complete a custom unit for you is approximately 10,000.
I honestly believe this is very reasonable, though I understand this may be out of the range of many hobbiests.
In designing the VF-2000, I built several other simpler "moving seat" designs, and for a serious buyer, will be happy to give you otheroptions, and work from your own design ideas.
I also have my original protype here, which can be rented out very reasonably for your very own promotional events, trade shows, and parties.
I basically just ask travel expenses, and a day rate of $500!

I see some photos with a hood, and some with virtual reality goggles.  What is the difference?
This is an important point in evaluating any simulator.  SO many simulator designs (the huge majority) have a screen in front of the rider, and a moving seat.  This configuration absolutely will not work to simulate the feel of flight.  In fact, I'd be as bold as to say these designs are no better than a static machine for creating the feeling you are flying.
Your visual reference is your strongest reference, and it's critical that your vision be limited to ONLY what the simulator displays on its screen.  Any outside cues will simply ruin the illusion of flight.
Imagine the difference between watching your T.V. while your chair tilted a bit (which would mostly just seem odd) or being immersed in a virtual world entirely, and feeling your body tilt as that world tilted.  The effect is phenominal.
For this reason, we used virtual reality goggles for the platform with no hood, and a FULL "clam shell" hood as seen in the other photos.
The mechanical workings are otherwise identical.

I can be contacted through my web page for CUSTOM work, or with regards to renting the original prototype (seen in the you tube video) for an event.
For entertainment simulators, or other enquiries, please contact Motion Vision.


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