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Sabrine: Born to Dance

Fleas playing the part of Sabrine are selected for their sensitivity to sound and motion.  If a bare arm is quietly slipped into a flea training area, and the fingers are snapped, the first 5 or so fleas who hop to the arm (many within less than a second) are selected as possible Sabrines.

Many ringmasters actually fear working with these fleas as they have come to be thought of as aggressive, savage, or untrainable.   (This has actually resulted in a few unfortunate injuries when fleas were bread in too great a number.) But, our experience has been otherwise.  When a firm hand is taken in training, these fleas are the most likely to take their cues from the ringmaster, and to be the most active before an audience.

Sabrine's natural sense of humor is her most treasured item.  Her enjoyment of sound and motion make her a natural for the dance floor where she will jiggle and roll about endlessly with any given cue.  (She often fights with selected to play Ralph, which in the past has been presented and a "lover's dance" but should in reality be avoided for the safety of both fleas.)

Sabrine is most often billed as a clown or dancer, though in rare instances, she has stepped in to fill the role of trapeze artist or even high wire talent.


Fleas playing Sabrine are most often of the super family Certopsylloidea.

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