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Robbie the Rocketeer/High Wire Flea

The sad truth is that fleas selected to play Robbie are often older performers.  The danger inherent in being fired from a cannon or walk the wire tempts ringmasters to force flea stars of the past into taking on this role in later life.

This is not to say that a well designed cannon act CAN'T be safe for the performer, only that flea circuses, often sadly lacking many of the safety protocols of human circuses can at times become harsh environments on fleas who's glitter has faded.

Rest assured, YOUR Robbie as displayed was selected using a completely different criteria!

Robbie the Rocketeer in life was a flea of the highest jumping capacity.  Longest legs, and the flea in the circus who had the least use for, and greatest resistance to wearing a collar!

We would not dream of collaring such a flea!  And, in fact he received his own special environment.  A white, plastic cylinder a whopping 12 inches in height where he can jump happily to the maximum height his legs could produce all day long.

This outgoing flea takes the stage for only moments in a show, but galvanizes the audience with excitement.

It's also one of the little know secrets of the circus that Robbie often decides to adopt the audience member he may land on as his new owner.  (Many new owners do not realize they've adopted Robbie, which can be a problem.)

Robbie is known as one of the happiest fleas in the circus, though he is a little of an outsider, and rarely socializes with the other fleas.

Robbie the Rocketeer gets to live the dream of every flea; to make a jump of unbelievable size, and to make that jump in the direction of a warm and loving audience!

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