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Ralph: Roustabout Flea

Ralph the roustabout flea has been a very under credited flea over the years.  Though he has not been frequently seen in the limelight, he is the stalwart flea who is waiting in the flea trailer for that most dread of moment when other performers may tire.  In that moment of pandemonium, count on Ralph to calmly step forward and make his appearance to save the show with his antics!

Behind the scenes, Ralph is very popular with the other fleas.  Much of this is due to the fact that Ralph is also one of the VERY few performers who is a MALE flea.  (Female fleas being larger and usually of a more personable nature.)

Fleas selected to play Ralph are usually smaller, and more energetic that those in principle roles. Oddly, this requires a different type of collar than most performers will receive.  To prevent Ralph from injuring himself on a small neck collar (Ralph having almost no neck) close examination will reveal that Ralph's collar is USUALLY attached much lower, around his abdomen.

Ralph typically functions as an energetic stand in.

Fleas playing Ralph are most often of the super family Certopsylloidea.

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