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Hilbert: Flea on the Edge

Lovable, gentle, and possibly bordering on being habitually confused, fleas selected to play Hilbert are best known for their lack of balance, and dangerous curiosity!

Usually fleas to play Hilbert are identified immediately after shipping to a new show site.

A small percentage of all fleas seems virtually unable (but not uninterested) in climbing.  Their naturally flat bodies are top heavy, and try as they may, every few steps they seem to lose grip and fall to one side or the other.

With very little training, these fleas can quickly be elevated in stature from possibly being thought clumsy by other fleas, to being one of the bravest and most popular performers in the circus:  The High diving Flea!

Fleas best in Hilbert's role will walk forward on queue, and  will then jump from the end of a high dive.

The BEST of the trained Hilberts can land in a small pool below, but care must be taken as many fleas selected as Hilbert secretly use a "stunt flea" for the pool splash and themselves attempt to escape!  This behavior has been going on for many generations, and savvy ringmasters are all well aware of it.

It has brought into great contention and heated debate the question of whether Hilbert truly is habitually confused as he pretends to be, or secretly a brilliant and divisive flea!  The question is sure to be debated among ringmasters for generations.

Hilbert typically performs on the dive board, but also makes an excellent dance partner for Sabine.

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