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Bruno: Famed Weight Lifting Flea

Bruno was the first performing flea that we successfully trained, and successfully got to wear his collar!  The first "Bruno" made his appearance in 1997 in Professor Humbug's circus at the Heritage House in Riverside California to rave reviews.

Other than Ms. Fifi, who at one point stole the show when she nearly took a perilous fall from the high wire, Bruno has always been the absolute top performer/draw of the day.

Bruno's family has expanded over the years, and several of his descendants (such as the flea seen here) have continued to perform bearing his most honored name.

We'll ALWAYS have a special place in our heart for Bruno.  Had he not worn his collar with such pride, and performed his tasks so well, we might well have given up on our quest to revive the wonderful lost art of flea training!

No flea in any case extracts more emotion, love and thanks than Bruno, and his many descendants (over 300 to date from his line, though only a clever few have performed) will continue to carry on his name.

Bruno's great feats have included: lifting a match stick with a tiny flag, swinging a small sword, and even moving a HUGE American .50 cent piece!

Hail Bruno, strongest of fleas!

Family: Fleas playing Bruno are most often of the super family Pulicoidea.

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