Race of the Agitators
The DVD!

After putting Race of the Agitators up on the web, we were VERY pleasently surprised to receive many requests for copies of the video on high quality DVD (how else can you REALLY see those cute little  flea faces)!?!.
At first, the plan was just to send them out to anyone who would like one, however within the first two days, we realized that was going to be impracticle.  (We had over a dozen requests in just the first two days. With the cost of DVD, postage, label and envelope that was going to be expensive as you can imagine.)

We are therefore making the DVD available to you, along with other flea video that woulden't fit on the page, and asking the whopping sum of $5 to cover the above costs.  Any cash we might have left over to be used for flea food.
Click the "Buy Now" button below to order.  Thanks!

DVDs can also be ordered by check/mail from inside the US.  Write us for Details.