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The Edison Battery Progress:

The following pages are being put together to help in the research and development of home made Edison nickel iron batteries (NiFe).

Edison batteries are uniquely suited to applications such as collecting power from solar cells, and even powering electric vehicles.

Unlike common lead acid batteries, or even lithium, Edison cells can deliver full power for MANY DECADES.  They often
outlive the machinery they are connected to.

Edison batteries have at least 4 times the energy density of lead acid, and are a "green" battery with low toxicity.

The following pages detail the construction of the original 100 year old cells, separate fact from fantasy, and also have instructions for a simple home made cell

The next step for this page will be to attempt to size up the home made cell to a truly practical size

All information on this page is strictly free!  Your help by clicking the donation link will be greatly appreciated.



Site news

The amazing folks at Nuts & Volts magazine have been giving away a free digital issue which contains a recent article on the construction of these cells.  I'm not certain how long they plan to continue to do this, so get your copy, and a free look at this wonderful magazine.


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