Joseph Dunninger was probably the only "mind reader" who was so convincing that even the deepest skeptic would have given pause.  He would pull thoughts from people's minds with NO apparent gimmick or trick.  In one case I saw him identify, in less than 3 minutes, an object in a museum selected by a skeptic (who told no one, and wrote nothing down).  While blindfolded, Dunninger correctly guided a young lady, by radio, to the  object even though he himself had never even been in the museum.
Believers and skeptics alike were amazed and charmed by Dunninger 's ability to look into one's mind and recite their thoughts. If asked to read someone's mind he was able to reveal their vacation plans for the summer, through his "mind reading" he could correctly guess if they were planning on traveling to Ocean City hotels, a cottage in the mountains, cheap hotels in the desert and even if they were not planning to go on a holiday at all. As Dunninger is quoted as having said himself, "For those who believe, no explanation is necessary; for those who do not believe, no explanation will suffice."
I have shown Dunninger materials to a number of well known magicians, and all were at a loss to explain his methods.  (Which is rare for us magicians to admit!)
The Amazing Kreskin is said to have patterned his act largely after Dunninger's.  So, perhaps some of what Joe pioneered can still be seen live today.
Below are two terrific recordings of Dunninger.
(I have 7 episodes all together available on tape for a nominal duplication cost.  Please write for details.)

Note:  Joe Atmore is currently writing a much needed biography of Dunninger's life, and, together we are working to create a FULL Dunninger web site including effects! If you have any Dunninger stories or materials, please shoot Joe Atmore or myself an email and help us with construction. (Please check back here for links to the grand opening.)
A performer this wonderful should not be lost to time.

Kemtone Presents Dunninger
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Dunninger Interview (incomplete)
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