John Wale of the United Kingdom has a WONDERFUL, inexpensive midi control board that can run all your Halloween (or other) robotics in a snap!
John's board translates MIDI signals (from your computer's game port) into descreet off and on outputs for relays, transistors, scrs or whatever you'd like to hook up.
The way cool thing about using midi for this is that virtually ANY midi music program on your computer can be used to control your robots.  You move the robot just as if you were playing a musical instrument.
Since all music programs let you add multiple tracks, you can build a whole show in "layers."  i.e. You can go through and just do the head motions, then go back and do the arms, then the body etc. for super lifelike creatures!
Finally, just about all music programs also let you add multiple audio tracks, so, sound FX, music and voice can all be synced in and run from any computer and a music program!
I'm hoping to do an extensive write-up in a future Nut & Volts issue of this system, but I thought I'd let you know you CAN get these boards now for your project.

John's email address for info is:
The web site for MIDI control is:

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