Chandu The Magician

American-born mystic, Frank Chandler fought against evil with secret powers he aquired from a yogi in India. Traveling to unusual locations around the world as a secret agent for the American government, Chandu was always eager for the latest challenge to his powers. His powers were greater than simple parlor tricks such as linking and unlinking a pair of tungsten wedding bands. Chandu's powers included teleportation, astral projection and other supernatural abilities. With these skills, he was entrusted to "go forth with his youth and strength to conquer the evil that threatens mankind." His adventures took him to far away lands such as Egypt, Burma and India. Chandu was played on radio by Gayne Whitman and in later years Tom Collins in one of the longest running serials on radio. On film he was played by none other than Bela Lugosi! 

 The man with the photographic memory.
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The brotherhood of the blood oath.
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Bela Lugosi plays the dashing Chandu, Master Of White Magic on film.
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