Class Photos 06/24/2019 - 06/28/2019

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Usually I have a lot more photos, but this was a busy class!!!
None of our wizards would pose, too many spells to learn!
As requested by the kids, I put in one scary background, and one regular background for the group pic.
Hopefully there are still a few snaps to put a smile on your face.
Thank for being a great class!!!

04.jpg Image3_lcc_background_01.png Image3_lcc_background_03.png P1250283.jpg P1250284.jpg
P1250285.jpg P1250288.jpg P1250292.jpg P1250294.jpg P1250296.jpg
P1250300.jpg P1250301.jpg P1250302.jpg P1250304.jpg P1250306.jpg
P1250308.jpg P1250310.jpg